2nd GNLU Essay Competition on Law and Society, 2017


Women, as the architects of society, hold the key to progress in a developing country like India. Their rights and duties, assimilated and crystallized within the framework of legislations and welfare schemes, mirror their status in the society. Recent amendments in laws related to women are slated to effect a metamorphosis in the social dynamics that require a thorough understanding of their newfound role in
the society. In order to encourage further research and reflections along these lines in the Indian context, GNLU Centre for Law and Society is organizing the 2nd edition of the essay competition on the theme “Toward Empowering The Indian Woman: Legal Reforms And Implementation”.

The following sub-themes have been identified as requiring academic consideration in the Indian context:
1. One Step into a Temple, a Giant Leap for Womankind?: Women’s Right to Enter Places of Worship
2. Changing Tides of Indian Surrogacy Laws: Miscarriage of Law?
3. Balancing Work and Motherhood: Desultory Reforms?
4. Lifting the Veil: Muslim Women and Personal Laws
5. Welfare Schemes for Women in India: A Paper Tiger?
6. Women’s Ease of Doing Business: Evaluation of Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws in India
7. Mediation as a Panacea for Women

Eligibility: The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in any discipline in a recognized University/ College/ Institute in India.

Submission: April 16, 2017

Prizes: Cash Prizes up to INR 50,000 are up for grabs. Winners will also be offered internships by Luthra & Luthra LawOffices, Aarna Law Advocates, LawLex, Centre for Social Research, ActionAid and Centre for Social Justice. They will also be offered Certificate Courses by Enhelion on “Preventing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace”. Certificates will be issued to all participants.

For further details, please refer to the Information Brochure attached or
visit http://gclsessay.weebly.com/. For any queries, drop us an e-mail at gcls@gnlu.ac.in or contact:
1. Mr. Sameer R. Bhat, Student Convener, GNLU Centre for Law and Society, Mobile: +91- 9998925880; sameer.gnlu@gmail.com
2. Ms. Gayathree Devi K. T., Student Coordinator, Law and Society Wing, GNLU Centre for Law and Society, Mobile: +91 8511970905; gayathree.d@gmail.com

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