Agents For Change – The Students Ambassdor Programme of CSJ

The Agents for Change(A4C) Programme is an student ambassador programme of Centre for Social Justice. It is an initiative directed towards harnessing the inimitable force that is our student community towards creating a positive impact on society, whilst fostering a sense of learning and sensitizing on the go. The idea is to break the status quo of lethargy and apathy among students towards issues of social importance.

Programme is designed as the culmination of academic knowledge, organizational skills and leadership ability, providing students with an opportunity to further enhance their personal and professional expertise while being Agents for Change on their respective campuses. Also, as an organization which realizes its objectives through an intimate engagement with grassroots realities, association with the Centre for Social Justice provides an understanding on how legal empowerment can contribute to social change. This is particularly useful for students looking to work in the fields of human rights, policy-research, developmental governance or social justice lawyering.

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