Labour Rights

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has been working on promoting and assuring labour rights. Below are some recent highlights of the CSJ’ accomplishments in this field:

  • The RTI was used in Modasa, Idar, Amreli and Palanpur for getting information related to compliance of factory norms like health and safety measures, periodic inspection etc.;
  • Organized awareness camps;
  • Visited labour settlements, factories, industries etc. for monitoring labour condition;
  • Cases filed under Minimum Wages Act for sharecroppers of Idar;
  • Cases of recovery of wages and provident fund filed forlabourers working at the Alang Shipbreaking Yard, Bhavnagar;
  • Cases filed under Minimum Wage Act for Panchayat/Municipal Sewerage workers in Idar;
  • Cases filed for reinstatement and compensation;
  • Meeting with labourers, trade union etc.