Legal Researchers’ Programme



The Legal Researchers’ Programme is started by Centre for Social Justice (C.S.J.) with the objective of providing, for aspiring Ph.D. candidates an opportunity to locate their research in grassroots realities. This will ensure that they develop a holistic understanding of how legal empowerment at the grassroots plays a catalytic role in bringing social change. The research topic will be mutually agreed according to the work of Centre for Social Justice and the research interest of the applicant. Each individual will spend 15 days towards various work that C.S.J. may assign to her. The person is free to pursue her Ph.D. related work for the rest of the duration in C.S.J. field areas or otherwise. The person will be bound by the authorship policy of the organization that ensures that people in the field are recognized as contributors.

Find the brochure here:  Legal Researchers’ Programme Brochure